Stage 2

The Stage 1 jury met on January 28, 2011 and selected 24 semi-finalists who were directed to refine their ideas to be submitted by June 2nd. Additional information was provided in the Stage 2 General Design Guidelines. The Stage 2 jury selected 6 winning ideas on June 23, 2011. Read the press release.

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Stage 2 Semi-Finalists

Stage 1 Submissions

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Stage 2 General Design Guidelines

In Stage 2, the jury would like to see a deeper level of visionary thinking about the future of this symbolic landscape. Each of you has received specific comments related to your own idea proposal. In addition, all Stage 2 submissions should develop the original idea in a way that shows clear attention to the historical, cultural, and ecological context of the Monument and grounds.

The following are some themes you may wish to take into consideration as part of the Stage 2 submission. Additional historical and background information is posted on the Resource page of the Competition website

Read the Design Guidelines.

24 Semi-Finalists

  • Completing the Washington Monument by Gilbert Gorski, Granger, IN
  • In(ter)dependence by Alan McWain, Michael Herbert, Hoonin Chang, and Daren Crabill, Tacoma, WA
  • Arcs of Shade by Stephen Lederach, Princeton, NJ
  • American in Motion by Gloria Lau and Vivian Hu, Newark, CA
  • Reclaiming Histories by Dominique Dupont, Jessica Dunn, and Kristina Guist, Albuquerque, NM
  • From Ground Zero: America’s Call and Response by Matthew Witt, Shawn Johnson, and Nicole Crigler, Claremont, CA
  • Searching for the Roots by Luis Longhi, Lima, Peru
  • An Inclined Plane by Julian Hunt, Lucrecia Laudi and Monling Lee, Washington, DC
  • Evening Constellation/Field of Stars by Catherine Peek, Pittsburgh, PA
  • Experience – Freedom – Flow by Brandon Gordon, Risa Abraham, Kate Connelly, Ruemel Panglao, and Charly Williams, College Park, MD
  • Sunset by Marilyn Sheppard, Washington, DC
  • You and Me by Jinwoo Lim, Seoul, Korea
  • GW Timeline by Grace Lim, West Lafayette, IN
  • Creating a United Park by Joey Ijjas, College Park, MD
  • Revitalizing the Jefferson Pier by Stephen Fowler, Stebastopol, CA
  • Land of the Free by Sofia Castelo, Lisbon, Portugal
  • The National Flood Park by Megan Griscom and Elizabeth Stoel, Brooklyn, NY
  • The Living Forum/The People’s Forum by Karolina Kawiaka, White River Junction, VT
  • Framing the Monument by Patricia Sabin, Enrique Manuel Blanco Lorenzo, and Rebeca Blanco Lorenzo, La Coruna, Spain
  • Symbolism – Views – Experience by Robert L. Miller, Washington, DC
  • City as a Theater by Elizabeth Gresk, Wheaton, IL
  • The Mall as Town Square by Ken Reed, Falls Church, VA
  • Time Line by Roehrle Zell and Oszkay Zell, Milwaukee, WI
  • Monument of Unity by Jacques Prins, Kevin Battarbee, and Egidijus Kasakaitis, Gouda, The Netherlands